Today’s rant – 1/13/22

Weird energy last few days

Everything is buzzing and hot!

even stuff that shouldn’t be buzzing and hot

Do you know that space is suggesting we will be going through a giant societal transformation between now and 2024?

Bring it! BE IT!

I’ve had this dropper valve for almost two years and I just can’t be bothered to figure it out.
The tldr version is simply I figured it out as a birthday present to myself. The longer version of that follows.

This year for my birthday I told myself I’m figuring it out, so!

Of course I distracted myself with the most difficult yoga session Ive ever done before starting. 😅

Then I had to find the weird little battery I ordered two years ago specifically for it (which honestly that’s probably why it took so long to figure out this device, it’s a not a battery I keep around). Which I found it! Took a while. But found it. Almost gave up and went back to bed at that point but then

I took the time to figure out what I need to pull from weird corners and find all the specific different cords (I originally set this all up for my Canon, but then my battery died, and I realized all the batteries are dead, and I can’t find my charger hahahahaha but in all seriousness yo I need that where is it) so set it up with the Fuji instead. That involved a whole set change cause my lighting receivers are all canon so had to switch out transmitter and change out lighting set. There are also different cables for the different cameras.

Sometimes my brain does that with no problem other times I run myself in circles. Yesterday was a run myself in circles day.

So set up the camera and lighting and sensor device (x2)

and finally, exhausted, did some test shots. But I could sit there a push a button for the dropper valve 🙂

Will play more with settings, angles, colors, and water consistency later. Wanna get my lens a lot closer and will switch up some angles.

it’s not the kinda thing someone can tell you “use these settings” because there are just so many variables, but I got a good starting point to fiddle with.

The device I have has controls for flash delay, water drop size, delay between water drops, and you can program 3 drops in to go one after another. The height the water falls from makes a difference, flash speed makes a difference, and then you get into the camera angle and focusing and settings. Also wanna play with colored lighting and different “water” recipes.

Just cause I want to.


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