I see that some people expect traumatized individuals to just wake up one morning with their trauma magically processed and ready to move forward into the rest of their life as a whole and healed person.

UNFORTUNATELY that is not how it works.

Even receiving mental health care for at least a quarter of my life, none of my mental health professionals that were treating me – not once – tried to work with me to process my traumas. Some of them even pushed religion, instead of being informed about trauma.

Trauma is not a mental illness. In most cases, your doctor shouldn’t be turning it into a disease. Treatment for a lot of trauma is not medication and it makes me sad to see trauma pathologized. I got enough pathologies to deal with, other people abusing me are not one of them.

we know how to heal a lot of trauma. The veterans administration has approved techniques that reliably work. Why are these not in practice in the mental health community at large? Most individuals seeking treatment for addiction really need trauma informed therapy and that is not what they are getting.


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