Got another few hours of sleep.

I feel like it’s defeatist of me to say
“I need to lay in bed til my cardiologist appointment in October”
but uh.

. I’ve been saying I need to rest for years. Gonna take it easy. I thought I have been. At least better.

as many as 30% of Eastern European heritage could have issues with one long studied gene, depending how they are expressed (and there are others too)

which can cause you to have too much or too little neurotransmitter activity, depending on reduced or increased enzyme function.

I have ocd over my diagnostics.
I need to take a break from learning in order to rest
I got a lot of waiting with a brain that won’t shut the fuck up
so If you are interested in discussing anything I have recently learned,
feel free to reach out in speech

but please do not ask me questions and create a situation where I am compulsed to start looking into something from a text if I am physically by myself (which is most of the time).

Yes Justin is home but he’s not just sitting with me all day you know, and I know I can’t expect him too.

I’m always like please ask questions so this is weird for me.

No health updates for me (unless something happens) until October.


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