This week is normal therapy and class, chiropractor for back and face, first set of migraine Botox, and ENT to see about removing that stupid recurring cyst.

Updates i am not sure I have shared:

We are sticking with cerebral palsy diagnosis. For now it makes the most sense. We will be doing another MRI in 2024/25 and yearly EEG.

The Botox for migraines I am excited about because it also puts Botox in my shoulders and neck. I am hopeful about the tightness letting go after the shot. I can’t imagine what it feels like without tight muscles, throbbing headaches or light sensitivity anymore. It just becomes the normal background noise.

I did not provide neurology with a list of my issues at my first appointment, just was referred for migraines. That first appointment was the day of my ssdi court date AND my DHS caseworker stressed me out bad that day. I need to provide neurology with some additional issues I deal with and have questions about.

The bad ear cyst is gone now, can’t see it at all to remove it, but there is another one (not infected) in different location in same ear. Not as painful.

I am still experiencing ear spasms. The top of my ear canal pulls.

When I came in to see ENT at first in 2021 – I complained of cysts in my ears possibly causing the dizziness.

He told me to stop touching my ears.

I have since gotten a tool I can clean well to clean out my ears. I have excessive ear wax production (along with excessive keratin). I need to clean out my ears. Which requires touching them.

Hoping ENT will have a more helpful statement this time

Physical Medicine
Continuing with masseter Botox. Last appointment it was identified as chronic disease management treatment.
I’m torn between asking him to do the hip injections or have the spine place do them.
I see PM about every 4-6 weeks. I see spine place about every other week, but I can’t discuss new injection things at chiro or all of the procedure appointments. They have their procedure rooms made to be in and out.

At this point it’s whoever I get to talk to about it first.

I started doing xolair injection at home.

I don’t think I did a good job at the first one.

I have been able to get off singulair.

I removed my mid day xyzal dose (leaving me with am and pm) but started having bumpy redness all over my chest. Contacted my allergist/immunologist. Told to resume the mid day dose.


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