Your doctors wouldn’t approve

Someone told me there’s no way my doctors would approve of all the injections I’m getting, if all the doctors knew about each other.

So not even to say my doctors all know about it,
or to say they also refer injections to each other,

but to say shut the fuck up and mind your own business. Also I know some people are curious how to start so here

1. I give all my doctors my PCP information.
2. I give my orthopedic / spine doctor my Physical medicine doctor info.
3. My physical medicine doctor gives me Botox in one area (masseters)
4. My physical medicine doctor referred me to my neurologist who will be doing Botox for another issue (migraines)
5. My physical medicine doctor referred me to my spine place for injections in hip bursaes. If they can’t treat fast enough, my physical medicine doctor will do it.
6. My orthopedic / spine doctor gives me injections in my shoulders and traps, cervical and lumbar spine, and knees. Info is provided to my PCP and Physical medicine doctor. So are the X-rays and ultrasounds.
7. My physical medicine doctor did not jump straight to injections, we tried 3 rounds of physical therapy that he wrote, with an additional round just before the last 3.
8. I still do my Physical therapy exercises, and more.
They all know..they all encourage these injections.
The injections help, so I keep doing them. They are long term chronic pain treatment repeated procedures.

*There is no fix for my issues. Just maintenance and calming down*


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